Short Bio:

Ben Quinlan is a comic artist/writer of grounded speculative fiction stories to make you think and feel the things.


Loooooong Bio (not really that long):

Ben Quinlan started making comics as a way to get out the crazy ideas in his head. This progressed into a love of visual storytelling (and storytelling in general) that has proved very therapeutic for him and he hopes for others too. Dealing with topics as diverse as time travel to suicide, he hopes to shine a light on taboo subjects and entertain with thought provoking ideas.

He has produced a graphic novel, Takes One to Know One, a web comic, Aunty Hero, and is in the process of releasing a miniseries, Any Port in Storm.

He has released several other short comics, such as Mr. Fluffykins, and is submitting a story to the Mental Health Anthology.

He has also written a novel that is currently being sent to publishers.

Ben hopes you enjoy his work and would love to debate with you who would win in a fight with The Flash. (Hint: The Flash always wins.)


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