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The world has been attacked. The aliens took most of the human race before we discovered their weakness – salt water. Those old sci-fi movies were right. Our only option for survival was to flood the planet.

The Cobalt people are starving. Our once proud species has been all but wiped out due to famine. Luckily, our Farming Caste has discovered a new food source – a small world overflowing with a mindless herd animal – humans. But they’ve adapted to our presence, and covered their habitat with a poisonous liquid.

Black and Blue is a sci-fi war story, told from both sides of an alien invasion. Our human protagonist, Mattaya, a young Polynesian woman, is an unwilling conscript into the AquaMarines, Earth’s last defence against the attackers. Lazuli, the alien protagonist, is a new inductee into the Farming Caste of the Cobalt, a balloon like alien race on the brink of extinction, and discovers his people’s dark secret, that their only food source is actually a sentient race.


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Black and Blue (Cobalt) pages 1-5

Black and Blue (Human) pages 1-5

Black and Blue is coming to Kickstarter on 1 March, 2018!